My name is Janez Jankovec. I am a metalworker by profession but devote all my free time to making unique wooden products. I perform my activity within the scope of personal supplementary work. This is my way of spending spare time in, what I feel, is a useful activity . In 2018, I obtained the certificate of craftsmanship at the Chamber of Crafts SLO-ART no. 8957/04/18. I also joined the DUO, Škofja Loka Handicraft Center. Among my products you can find many useful and decorative items such as - bowls, serving trays, clocks, kitchen boards, shoe buckets, feeders, wooden ties, sticks, lights, chairs & tables etc. For my products I choose unusual pieces of wood through which I want to emphasise its beauty. All products are only coated with Belinka - Food natural oil and therefore meant for nutritional purposes. If necessary, I also adapt to your wishes and ideas, if they are only feasible. I want to project some of my creativity into every item, because every product is also an expression of me being in harmony with nature. The trees that have died, live through my creations and display all the beauty of this unique material - wood.

You can find my products at the DUO center, at Bishop's Town Square in Škofja Loka or at my home, where I can present the story of each product individually. Welcome!